Wednesday, October 15, 2014

End of Another Book

I believe I shall leave my heroes here for now. It is a good place to pause, even if Perrin is discorporeate.  His consciousness has to contend with the other discorporeate owners, in code.  Chishiki's terraforming programs are wildly out of whack and the new and quite suddenly formed oceans will change a lot of things.

Perrin IV and his daughter Jessica have an enormous job ahead, of course.  Alissa doesn't want to come down from Station and pretty much everyone is happy with that.

Legal Machine 8 is quite miffed at all of these irregularities.

Mom and FireDrake One's romance continues. Haraklez looks up from her bench and says 'go away, don't bother me'.

Kyrus, Werfas and the Basin Rats are finding out that the older warbirds are far more intelligent than anyone thought and the Old Man is teaching them.

Terence needs to find out what happened to his brother and his family and he doesn't know it yet but the new Font of All Knowledge is going to want to send him and Agador back to school.

Biomats have been ripped up and the sea is full of heavy metals and toxins that haven't had a chance to sink. There are no good mechanisms in place to filter the water.  People have to avoid getting rained on because all this free-floating water is so toxic, it makes 'acid rain' a reality, depending on whether the compounds in the water are water soluble and present in the new clouds.

The water is still being stripped out of the planetary atmosphere and onto the moon as ice, as before, so throwing it back down manually is still necessary.

My next project will be a short graphic story.

This is my first attempt at the title page and it is only inked, not yet coloured.  I will likely start another separate blog for this project with links from Eclipse Court and Kyrus to it.  I'm hoping my art skills are up to it.  I've never tried this before.


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