Saturday, May 3, 2014

18 - Illicit Intellectuals

Prime slammed out of code and very nearly slammed his fist on the arm of his chair.  “What is it, Glass Mountain?” He stopped the motion in time, the support exoskeleton gleaming on the backs of his fingers as it vibrated slightly and both cushioned and drove his intended actions.  “I was certain I’d found some trace of my son and his get!”

*I require authorization to continue water delivery to…*

“Yes, yes.  Keep it up.  What was so demmed important that you interrupted my searches?  Demmitall, my son and Heir, his twat, ministers and their families, it’s impossible that they are all disappearing off the face of the planet!  Someone has to make a mistake.  They think they can run from me?  Run away from their responsibilities? From their sworn and witnessed word?  Vile, rebellious scholars!”

Glass Mountain was silent until it was certain Prime was finished speaking. *I have video over Hinnemon that I believe is vitally important.*

He took a deep breath and smoothed his robes, pulling the furs closer around his neck, though the room was warm.  “Show me.”

The image that popped up showed a dozen grey bush-dragons soaring in the high atmosphere.  “This is so all-fired important?  Another new subspecies?  As if I can about Chishiki vermin?”

*The energy signatures match…*

“Shut it off.  I don’t want to see any more videos of indigenous wild-life!”

*They are at the edge of sp…*
“Shut it off, I said.  I’ve seen it. That’s enough.”

*Yes, Prime.*

“Get Station up and have it do a full system restore.  I am expecting a guest.  An extremely high ranking guest and I want the Station and the shuttles polished to perfection from their software out to the smallest teaspoon!”

*Yes, Prime.*

“And don’t bother me for the next few hours.  I may have found Gerald.  Damn the man.  He left me with only half the protocols for safely modifying people’s loyalty!  Have the Immoderates found anything?”

*I shall not disturb your Prime. No, the Immoderates have found nothing.*

“Issue a higher level neural inducer to Beauchamp.  We will force answers out of these illicit scholars, these illegal students!  These thieves of knowledge.  How dare they steal my information?  I graciously allow them to read, to instruct, to their appropriate level!  Underground scientists.” He sipped his tea to clear his mouth, too genteel to spit.  “Demmed illegal Intellectuals!”

*Equipment released. Beauchamp is querying the terminal setting.*

“Yes, yes he’s allowed to use it if it gets us some answers.”



Author's Note from before.  I couldn't rewrite what I lost so I wrote this instead.

Hi guys!  Last night the computer froze up and I lost yesterday's post.  So today I had to do the major Kensington Market shop so I will now try to re-do yesterday's post!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend, despite the rain.  We have our front yard garden coming back after the winter... Maidenhair Fern, Hostas, Jack-in-the-pulpit, crocus and daffodils and tulips coming up.

Phew.  I hope everyone had a wonderful May day/Beltaine and a great Cinco de Mayo on Monday.

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