Thursday, September 25, 2014

80 - Barrister and Solicitor 8

The woman in the white suit stood still for a moment, flung her hands into the air, her hair moving out of the way so as not to interfere with her motions, and twirled slowly in place.  She laughed, right out loud, long enough to have Perrin sputtering.  “Why Perrin, my old friend.  Don’t you like the new body?  I thought I mentioned it the last message I sent you.”

“Rash? Rashi?  You old blighter! You said you were going to do some body modifications but not... this.”  Perrin’s voice was higher than normal, in shock, and his joviality was forced.

“It’s all the rage with the new tech coming out... all rising out of your darling little plants, my friend.”  The CEO sauntered toward the door where Perrin’s throne now stood.  “Biomechanical life supports were fashionable years ago, old fellow.”

“Old fellow, indeed!  You’re older than I, Rash.  The new body... looks good.  But why?”
“What, why female?  Because I can.  You should come off planet to get all that old slop replaced.  You could be an elf for a few centuries...”

*Courier transit* Agador whispered. *Legal representation is present in the system.  I have connection.*

*Good. Are they willing to hear our case, are they willing to help us?*

*Good afternoon, Young Sir.* The mental voice that came through Agador was smooth, powerful and entirely inhuman. *I am Independant Barrister and Solicitor Machine 8, offering legal advice and representation to the Eastern Arm Transportation Company. How may I be of service?*

Mom’s data packet was proffered and accepted in less than a heartbeat.

*My dear Alissa.* Machine 8 said. *Since you are the direct heir of a significant portion of the planet present, I shall address you, after I commend this person.  Young man,* it said to Terry. *You are to be commended in your work, bringing this to judicial attention.*

*Miss, I observe the bombardment mentioned in your deposition.  Can you repeat that no one is currently being injured or killed in this action, through your Senior Owner’s direct action?*

She looked over at Terry.  "You answer it." *I can say that, Machine 8,* he said, obediently. *Is that the correct form of address for an independent machine?*

*Yes, it is.  Corroboration of the Medical vehicle’s assessment of ‘politesse’ from Terence Charles Arthur Cameron.  Miss Alissa, I shall be serving charge papers to the Commander of the Company Marines and having him arrest Prime.*


*Commander Kamen.*

The marine commander twitched as a coded message dropped out of nowhere into his inbox.  “Dammit,” he snarled.  “Security my foot.”

*I am Perrin Thurmontaler, the fourth, and I wish to lay charges of attempted murder against myself and my daughter.*

He looked at the papers he had just been handed by the legal machine.  “Get in line,” he said.

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